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The service and contributions that Telugu composers have made to the world of music are indescribable in mere words. Moreover, it’s safe to say that a typical classical music concert is incomplete without the rendition of a Telugu composition. 

It is a lesser known fact that not only the great Sri Thyagaraja, Sri Annamayya and Sri Ramadasu, but also other Telugu composers like:


introduced eternal masterpieces to the world that have gained a level of respect unattainable by most who delve into their art.


In order to preserve the legacy of the beauteous music these stalwarts have created, and to pass these works of artistry on to our posterity, SWARAVEDIKA presents the Telugu Vaggeya Vaibhavam (Telugu Music Festival) program under the guidance of the honorable, Sangeethacharya Dr. Vyzarsu Balasubrahmanyam garu.


In this program, with the students of VBg, selected NRI talent will present 10 compositions of all of the aforementioned composers. The audition round is open to

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