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Welcome to Minneapolis Chapter


Sing For A Cause

A Day Of Indian Music and Dance

  • Promote Indian classical music and Dance

  • Provide a professional-level concert environment to students

  • Provide opportunities to learn by listening / watching to other students’ performances


  • Only twin cities-based students (basic to advanced levels) should perform.

  • Every school will get around fifteen minutes to one hours of dedicated time.

  • The time slot can be used for performances and recognizing students and teachers etc.  

  • Online students (learning online with teachers outside of the city) will get slots based on their level.

  • Any school can collaborate with other schools for accompanying instruments.

  •  All audience and performers should come in Indian attire (preferred) and sit until the completion of a session (either two hours or preset session time).

  • Students and teachers can invite their guests to attend the event.

  • We also send general informational flyers to the community

  • A committee will take the final decision on the school's timeslot and duration.

Other Details:
Submit your entry by  April 10th 2024 

  • Inform the number of students participating so that we can order an appropriate number of recognization certificates/mementos.

  • Let us know the total amount of time slots needed.

Chapter Contacts
Sricharan Kanajam
Kamalakar Kanajam 
Tel# 732 543 6320
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Shritha Venkata Devaraju
Pranav V Salapaka
Sricharan Kanajam
Priya Kanajam
Tel# 732 543 6318
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Past Events

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We at Swaravedika are driving efforts to sew more than 5,000 masks and dispense them through our key networks nationwide.

Meals support for COVID19 impacted labor  

Swaravedika teamed up with PURE to provide meal support for COVID 19 impacted labor for the next 45 days. let us know if you want to join us in serving meals

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