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COVID-19 Relief Initiatives

In appreciation for the essential heroes battling the COVID-19 pandemic, SwaraVedika provided hot Meals to the #frontliners at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. Thank you PUREOnline and the donors for your support!

PPE kits to healthcare workers at 
Mahavir Hospital, Hyderabad

Special thanks to PURE for making it happen!!. Thank you all individual donors , musicians who are participating in SwaraVedika events and contributing to COVID-19 relief efforts!.

Swaravedika's mask initiative - 5000 masks

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 8.23.32 PM.png

We at Swaravedika are driving efforts to sew more than 5,000 masks and dispense them through our key networks nationwide.

NOTE: Please make sure to sterilize and pack masks before the delivery. Remember to check with local authorities for accepted models.

Swaravedika compliments youngsters/ teenagers with 2 hours of US presidential Volunteering hours for every 20 masks prepared by them/children of all ages. Please make sure to tag your picture with the masks on our Facebook. 

20,000 Meals support for COVID-19 impacted labor 


Swaravedika teamed up with PURE to provide meals support for COVID 19 impacted labor .let us know if you want to join us in serving meals..we have the ground support available to handle more meals..I will make sure you get pics sent every day and a few videos too, to share with your sponsors. We are teamed with PURE to distribute meals in India

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