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Spring 2019 Tour

Carnatic Concerts By

Shri Sherthalai Ranganathasharma  and Team

Swaravedika is proud to present the Spring Tour of Sherthalai Ranganathasharma garu and Team!


Dr. Sherthalai Ranganathasharma is a renowned Carnatic Vocalist who will be performing at various cities in the United States this spring from March to May. He will be accompanied by Sri. Thanjavur Murugaboopathi on the Mrindangam, and Sri. BU Ganesh Prasad on the violin. This is the first time this team of talented musicians will be going on a tour of this size in the U.S. A portion of the funds raised will be used to help Swaravedika continue its efforts in aiding schools affected by the Kerala Floods.


Please look below to see when they will be visiting your city. Don’t miss this great opportunity to listen to the talented artists!



March 2019

23rd Atlanta - GA
24th Miami - FL
30th New York - NY
31st Houston - TX

May 2019

3rd Rochester - NY
4th CMANA - NJ
5th Delaware - DE
11th Buffalo - NY
12th Minneapolis - MN
17th San Diego- CA
18th Los Angeles - CA
24th Detroit - MI
25th Raleigh - NC
26th CTU Chicago - IL
27th Madison - WI

April 2019

5th San Jose - CA
6th Portland - OR
8th Seattle - WA
13th Baltimore - MD
16th to 25th Cleveland - OH
28th Dayton - OH

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